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Why North West Sydney is well located for house and land packages

Home buyers and investors in Sydney’s property market are always on the lookout for structural trends which could help them identify where to buy properties which tick their boxes whilst also delivering strong capital growth. Since COVID, one of the strongest trends has been the accelerating growth in demand for high quality, lifestyle-focused house and land packages. So many buyers are asking the question: where is the best place to look for house and land packages in Sydney?

North West Sydney stands out as one of the most attractive areas in Sydney for house and land package for a number of reasons. Firstly, with more businesses moving to the North West, there are a growing number of jobs on offer which creates greater opportunity to live and work in the region. Secondly, government investment in parks, playgrounds, schools and tertiary education is on the rise in North West Sydney, which is adding to the region’s lifestyle attractions. In Addition, infrastructure investment in the region is strong. As an example, Sydney’s newest motorway, NorthConnex, now links the M1 Pacific Highway to the M2, and the Sydney Metro Northwest line now offers a direct train route into the city. As a result, North West Sydney is now one of the best connected parts of Sydney, which is a strong attraction for lifestyle-focused buyers who want to live within easy access of the city.

As Landen’s Director Rashed Panabig explains: ‘We believe Sydney’s North West is a great place for home buyers and investors to focus upon. It offers an excellent balance between space and connection. In a fast-growing big city like Sydney, the region offers compelling lifestyle advantages which will become even more obvious in the coming years. It’s an exciting time for house and land package buyers in North West Sydney.’