How does choosing a builder affect your outcome?



With all the uncertainty currently in the home builder market, it’s never been more important to choose the right company to make your dream house become a reality. At Landen, we work closely with North Homes as our preferred builder for our land and home packages.

To make sure that you have a home that suits your lifestyle and budget, it’s important to find a builder that has a range of home designs and packages and that can work with you to finetune the perfect result.

Experience is key with building. We strongly recommend that you do your research before you commit to a builder. It is worth talking to different builders and getting to know their leadership and site management teams and taking a look at their previous work. It’s a good way to understand the team that you’ll be working with and see if you’ll be able to maintain a good relationship with them.


Good communication and good working relationships makes for a great experience

Great customer service is essential to ensuring you have a positive experience from the time you start reviewing floorplans and house types to building and moving into your home. Builders have a responsibility to keep an open dialog to guarantee your concerns are heard and managed.

Asking the right questions (there’s never too many) and being satisfied with the answers will help you to understand the journey to from picking your home to moving in day. Some common questions that you might ask a potential builder include:

  • Are you a registered builder and what insurances do you have?
  • What contracts do you use?
  • Who will I be working with during the selection process and then during the build?
  • Are your home designs fixed or can you make slight variations?
  • When is the cut-off to make any changes?
  • Will I receive construction updates during the build?
  • How will you ensure that quality is maintained during the build?
  • What guarantees or warranties do you offer during construction and after completion?


Cost transparency – what are some of the key (and potentially hidden) costs that owners need to be aware of?

The purchase, design and build of your new home is a multilayered process and can be confusing. Those beautiful features that you thought were included but turns out are optional extras to be added to a design can add up and cause some surprise.

One of the reasons that we work with North Homes is that they ensure that all of the costs are presented upfront to new clients – whether they are costs that first time owners may not have been aware of, like site costs, driveways, landscaping, BASIX approval and flooring, or even other costs that owners might things are standard, like internal painting, external renders or even a letter box.

North Homes prides itself in having luxurious, architecturally designed features that buyers expect in their home as standard, that other builders often don’t include. It offers a “Full Turn Key” product – which means that when they hand the house over to you, there are no other costs and all you need to do is move in.


From signing the contract to getting the key to your new home takes time

Each home is a bespoke product and so timeframes are project dependent. However, working with a developer builder means they have control of the land and can keep their buyers informed of all aspects of the program. They can achieve excellent build times as they can focus on multiple lots in their own developments, allowing for efficiency and an edge over other traditional builders.

When we work with North Homes, we look at the land registration and settlement dates and then the construction program is developed in conjunction with our property team and the North Homes team to set out the program to get the earliest posts start on site date.


Why does Landen work with North Homes?

Landen is proud to recommend North Homes for your future home. North Homes create architecturally-designed, premium homes with transparent and inclusive pricing. All the homes are thoughtfully considered, with a range of floorplans and facades to choose from. When you visit the  design studio, you’ll be able to pick out your colour schemes, fittings and fixtures, and upgrade options for your home. North Homes specialised software program allows you to customise the design and they can create a 3D model of what your home will look.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the management team, North Homes offers a seamless experience and they are with you every step of the way forward to the home and life you’ve always wanted.


If you would like talk to someone about your building options or learn more about North Homes, please call 1300 526 336 or click here.