Property Investment

Landen Financial Services is a team of qualified and licensed professionals with a wide range of experience in successful property investment.

Landen Financial Services is a member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia Association is the peak industry body developed to bring about standards and accreditation in the Property Investment Industry. As such Members are committed to fostering best practice by raising standards and facilitating professional development and market integrity.

Do you need help answering the following questions?

  • Why to buy property?
  • Why is property the number one investment for wealth creation?
  • Why it excels well above shares and superannuation?
  • Why it is essential to buy property to build wealth and fund your own retirement.
  • How to buy property?
  • Should you buy in your own name? Joint names? Tenants in common of Joint Tenants? In a Company, Trust or Super Fund? Also, how to structure the mortgage?
  • How much you can borrow? How much you should borrow? How to structure the loans to minimise Tax and maximise Cash Flow.
  • What property to buy? Should you buy House and Land packages? or Units? Or Apartments? Or a combination of both? Should you buy inner city? Or Regional? Old or New?
  • What is the Right Property strategy for you? Buy and Hold, Buy and Flip, Buy and Build and many other options. Should you buy positive or negative geared property? Where to buy?
  • What if? What are the risks in buying property and how to manage them?
  • So you’ve found a property – what next? The Finance process, the sales process and the costs of buying a property. Assessing whether you should buy the property? The Settlement process.

All your questions can be answered by our team.

The questions are endless. Finally you have professionals that can answer all of these questions for you. At Landen Financial Services it’s a ll about personalised, professional advice designed specifically for your circumstances. The answers to the above questions vary for each and every client. No one solution fits all.

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