Superannuation & SMSF

Over the last several years, self-managed super funds have risen in popularity as it offers control, a number of tax benefits and flexibility for improved wealth creation compared to standard member retail super funds and member industry super funds.

Control Your Super & Create a Wealth Creation Strategy with Landen Financial Services.

We can assist you to understand:

  • SMSF Structure and Establishment of the Trust Deeds
  • SMSF Loans: Loan Structures to purchase property in Super with debt / Borrowing in Super to buy property and other assets.
  • Superannuation Advice & Strategic Planning throughout key stages in the Superannuation life cycle: accumulation phase, transition to retirement phase, pension phase.
  • SMSF Investment Strategy: review, implementation and performance management.
  • SMSF can be cheaper to run than your existing retail or industry funds
  • SMSF’s can be one of the lowest taxed investment vehicles you can use.

Our team can help you with:

  • Help you to decide wheather a smsf is right for you.
  • Set up your SMSF
  • Create a SMSF property loan structure. That is suitable for your circumstances.
  • Assist you to understand SMSs & related regulations
  • Assist you to choose insurance options
  • Tax planning for your SMSF
  • Contribution & pension strategy advice
  • SMSF accounting & audits

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