Understanding funds management

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Funds management, or asset management, can be explained simply as the task of managing a pool of money on behalf of others with the end goal of maximising any returns. These could be tangible assets (such as equipment and real estate) or intangible assets (like intellectual property).

Because the pooled capital is usually spread across different investments, that can help reduce the impact of certain assets performing poorly. The other benefit of this strategy is that by sharing the investments with other unit holders your entry costs tend to be lower than if you were to buy shares directly yourself.


What Landen Funds offers

Landen Funds gives investors access to a selection of low cost of entry, low volatility funds with fewer charges, and asset backed security. Typically, our funds run for 12 to 24 months, and the minimum investment amount is usually $100,000.

Our focus is on contribution mortgage schemes, as defined by ASIC. The funds raised are invested together into a mortgage or loan, which is then lent to a borrower (in our case, it’s lent to the Landen developer of Landen Properties). The collateral/security of the loan is the land.


The benefits of investing with Landen Funds

Exclusive and competitive opportunities – Investors are given the opportunity to access a carefully selected collective of low cost of entry, low volatility funds with fewer charges, and asset backed security. Landen Funds has access to Specific Investment Funds created for Landen Property projects, which offer our investors competitive conditions and returns.

Professional management – Fund managers are experienced and qualified professionals who specialise in the selection and maintenance of investments. Our team has the expert knowledge that comes with years of studying financial market movements, so you don’t have to.

Security – People invest to make money and want to know that their funds have been professionally managed. They want to know the future income derived is governed by a high level of compliance and regulation. As Landen is a Retail fund, it is subject to a higher level of regulation and scrutiny than a Wholesale Fund.

Income – Landen has developed a range of Specific Investment funds to provide earnings in either a regular sum or as a lump sum at the end of the investment period. When you reinvest these earnings, you can look forward to the compounding effect on your wealth in the future.


When is the best time to invest in funds?

It pays to invest at all stages of your life, but how you invest and what you invest in might change over time. Younger investors may be more resilient to market ups and downs so might choose to invest in higher return funds which come with more elevated risks. As people mature and their financial needs change they might pivot to more stable and lower risk investment opportunities.


What to look out for when investing

Investment risk is weighing up the likelihood of losing money if your investment falls in value or simply doesn’t perform as well as expected. While all assets carry risks, some are riskier than others, so be sure to work out your own risk tolerance – the degree of uncertainty you’re prepared to accept in relation to investment returns.

When you are deciding where to park your money, do your homework to determine the risks, ensure you know when and how you’ll be paid any profits and read the fine print.


What makes a great fund advisor?

It’s important you find a fund advisor you can trust, who is professional, has integrity, and a proven track record. A great advisor works with you to understand your needs, set your financial goals, and create a plan to help you achieve them.

Be aware that anyone who is giving out personal financial advice must have an Australian Financial Services (AFS) license issued by ASIC. By only dealing with licensed businesses, you’re better protected if things were to go wrong, and you’ll have access to free dispute resolution services.

Landen Funds has appointed One Investment Group as the fund’s independent responsible entity and custodian. One Investment Group monitors the operation of the fund and offers us advice about complying with the relevant rules and regulations.

As the investment manager, we’re responsible for providing quarterly performance reports to our investors about the projects we invest in. All the team members in the fund management team are RG146 compliant and are trained to provide general advice to our investors. We have set standard operating procedures that we require our employees to follow and provide regular training courses.

If you are interested in taking your first step towards financial freedom through funds management, speak to our trusted team at Landen Funds today.

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