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Funds Principles

Exclusive and competitive opportunities

Landen Funds give our investors access to a carefully selected collective of low cost of entry, low volatility funds with fewer charges, and asset backed security. Our team have completed a thorough feasibility of the underlying assets of each fund to optimise the returns of a property related investment fund.

Low investment management fees

We are structured in a way that any fees and expenses associated with the management and administration of Landen Funds are not deducted from your targeted rate of return.

We aim to maximise the return to the investor through structuring our funds so that the fees paid by the Borrower in respect of the Loan are calculated to absorb the fees and costs of the Specific Investment Fund. Therefore, these fees and costs do not reduce the value or rate of return on your investment unless the Borrower defaults in paying the fees in respect of the Loan

Outstanding governance

Landen Funds has an independent trustee to provide supervision and an established compliance framework for the management and administration of the Fund.

Established in 2009, One Investment Group is a leading independent Australian funds management business specialising in providing professional fiduciary and administrative services for funds managers. This includes responsible entity, trustee, corporate trust and custody services, as well as fund administration, registry and corporate secretarial services.

In addition, the property projects we lend against are delivered by Landen Property, who have a track-record of acquiring and delivering high-performing residential estates.

Landen Funds Principles - Landen Property Group

One Investment Group

One Investment Group is currently responsible for over $35b across a range of asset classes including real estate, credit, private equity, infrastructure, equities, mortgage and hedge funds. They work with global and Australian listed companies, sovereign wealth funds, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, private equity firms and boutique managers to provide them with a competitive advantage.

Together, the founders have more than 40 years’ experience in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, funds management and corporate governance, and are supported by an executive team and independent directors who each have more than 20 years relevant experience.

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