Your Sydney property search guide

Sydney’s a fantastic city, just ask any of the 5 million people who call it home this year. Whether you’re new to Sydney or the country, or a local who wants to buy for the first time, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to purchasing in the Harbour City.


Here is our essential guide to help you navigate the Sydney property market with confidence.


Looking to buy?


Making the decision to buy a home is both exciting and daunting. Recent research suggests that it often takes 16 months from actively looking for a property to purchasing – not including the time it takes to save a deposit.


There are a few factors that you need to consider before starting your journey.


  • Budgeting. What deposit can you save, what size mortgage can you service and what is your realistic budget for the purchase?
    Here are some useful financial calculators; Calculators | Landen


  • Location. Are you looking for good links to public transport or roads? Do you need to consider the primary and high schools that the area is zoned for?


  • What is your ideal home? Are you looking for a block of land to build your own house from scratch? Or looking for an apartment? Are you open to an already built home that needs renovations, or do you want something brand new? Are you planning to rent it out in the future?


Once you are ready, you can manage your property search more efficiently.


From Bondi to Blacktown, there’s something for everyone


Sydney’s property market is as diverse as its population.


The City has penthouse apartments and homes in the Eastern Suburbs that are valued at more than $210 million, according to this March 2024 article. You can find more affordable houses without compromising on convenience and lifestyle for under $1,000,000, according to this Canstar 2023 report. Or even consider if apartment living would suit you, as there are many options with a variety of amenities in every suburb across the whole city.


For buyers who are looking for a balance between affordability and lifestyle, Sydney’s Northwest is a suitable option. Suburbs like Box Hill, Claremont Meadows, and Rouse Hill offer modern amenities, green spaces, and relatively affordable housing options – even more affordable if you buy land and then build a home. With excellent transport links, reputable schools, and emerging communities, the Northwest is worth adding to your list.


Where to begin your search?


There are many different ways to find the suburbs that suit you and your dream home.


Online platforms, like,,, and individual real estate agent websites provide comprehensive listings of available properties, usually with detailed descriptions, photos, and virtual tours. Many sites also offer suburb profiles that highlight the positive, and negative, aspects of the different areas.


You could also consider working with a buyer’s agent, who, for a fee, can get you access to off-market opportunities and help you negotiate with a seller.


If you are interested in new builds, you can look for your perfect block of land and then explore homebuilder’s websites to find a home that suits your block or take a look at developers’ websites to consider off-the-plan opportunities and may have opportunities bundle your purchase of land and a new home.


Keeping up with Sydney’s property news


Keeping across the latest developments and trends in the Sydney property market is essential to making an informed decision and gain valuable insights into market dynamics, upcoming developments, and legislative changes affecting property ownership.


Most local, metro and national newspapers cover property, providing trend insights, market analyses, and expert opinions to help you stay informed.

Take a look at

As well as property-specific sites, such as:


The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) is also a good source of information about the property market.


Remember, thorough research, including keeping across the current news, is key to making informed decisions in this ever-changing market.


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