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How to Invest

Landen understands what it takes to identify the right opportunities and manage a successful property development. Our experienced and trusted team take the time to research dynamic suburbs with exceptional growth potential. As part of a rigorous evaluation process, they review the project’s metrics and test the feasibilities. They seek to ensure the underlying project is likely to achieve the desired outcomes that will deliver results for the investor. This allows us to create property related investment funds that deliver real returns with considered risk mitigation strategies.

The application process is the same for all our funds, simply follow the steps below.

Our investment steps

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    Engage with authorised representative; review all required documents.

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    Fill in the application form, provide required documents for KYC/AML check.

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    Transfer funds to the application account of the Fund’s Trustee.

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    Interests will start to accrue when units are issued.

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    Receive the confirmation of investment usually 5 business days after the application is successfully completed.

If you are not ready to invest yet but would like to start the conversation, talk to one of our investment specialists today.

They will provide insights on the benefits of investing, insight into property related funds, and can develop a customised investment strategy just for you.

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