At Landen, our vision is to join our customers on their journey to financial freedom.

Each member of the Landen team has been handpicked by Landen's founders not only because of their expertise, although they are all higly-regarded in their respective fields… but also, because they are aligned with the Landen vision and values.

Each member of the diverse Landen team believes that individually, we can offer quality property and financial products and services to our customers. However together, we can provide our customers with true partnership as they work towards financial freedom.

Every one of us, from the pilot seat of our businesses right through to the engine room, share the Go Further mindset. Our customers want to go further than paying off their home, getting a passive income from an investment property and saving on tax. And, every one of us has the will and the way to help them do so.

Team members

Malcolm Strain

Head of Landen Wealth

Jeff Li

Head of Landen Funds

Han Spendlove

Head of Landen Financial Planning

Ashik Rahman

Head of Landen Lending

Shane Harding

Senior Development Manager, Landen Property

Nick Sullivan

Assistant Development Manager, Landen Property

Tarik Karagozoglu

Business Development Manager, Landen Property

Laurie Cauchi

Sales Manager, Landen Property

Jawad Sultani

Sales Consultant, Landen Property

Andy Cai

Senior Finance Manager, Landen Property

Partha Saha

Financial Planner, Landen Financial Planning

Jacqueline Chia

Adviser Coordinator, Landen Financial Planning

Marianna Crecca

Adviser Assistant, Landen Financial Planning

Aysha Buksh

Mortgage Broker, Landen Lending

Zaira Munam

Lending Associate, Landen Lending

Allen Wong

Client Manager, Landen Financial Services

Candy Liu

Senior Accountant, Landen Financial Services

Cathy Huang

Client Manager, Landen Financial Services

Christina Teo

Senior Accountant, Landen Financial Services

Abdullah Dean

Accountant, Landen Financial Services

Elaine Chen

Accountant, Landen Financial Services

Chris Dionysatos

Client Care Coordinator, Landen Wealth

Rozina Kutty

PA & Office Administrator, Landen

Juanita Lau

Receptionist, Landen