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Landen Funds Features

Retail Fund

As a retail fund we are regulated to provide a higher level of compliance, transparency, and consumer disclosure. This provides investors with sufficient information to make informed investment decisions.

Regular Income

Our funds are designed to provide investors with competitive fixed target nett returns, paid at specified distribution frequencies.

Capital Stability

This is core to our investment objectives. To deliver the target nett returns, we implement solid risk management mechanisms and selection criteria to rigorously evaluate the underlying assets and project feasibility.


We maintain strong compliance using industry experts. We have engaged a leading independent trustee to provide supervision, a compliance framework and fund administration, and a top-tier accounting firm for independent audits.

One Investment Group

One Investment Group is currently responsible for over $35b across a range of asset classes including real estate, credit, private equity, infrastructure, equities, mortgage and hedge funds. They work with global and Australian listed companies, sovereign wealth funds, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, private equity firms and boutique managers to provide them with a competitive advantage.

Together, the founders have more than 40 years’ experience in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, funds management and corporate governance, and are supported by an executive team and independent directors who each have more than 20 years relevant experience.

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