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Why buying property may be a better decision than renting

Published 21 November 2023   One of the big life decisions most of us face at some point is whether it’s better to buy or rent property. Rarely have there been so many fast moving parts to consider when making this decision… interest rates have risen at the fastest pace ever, rentals are growing at…

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Low rental vacancy rates spell optimistic property outlook

Published 14 November 2023   Strengthening property prices have confounded most expert predictions thus far in 2023 with demand/supply dynamics more than offsetting the negative impacts of higher interest rates. The big question now is: what’s next? There’s one statistic, savvy Aussie property investors are particularly focused on for a guide as to what’s coming…

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Before you exchange property sale contracts, read these 4 tips

Published 17 October 2023   Buying land or a land and house package in Australia is exciting, but there is paperwork and due diligence involved before you can pop the champagne to celebrate. If you’re buying, it can be such a relief to find a solution that works for you, and you may feel tempted…

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Unveiling Oakville: a suburb steeped in charm and potential

Published 5 October 2023   Nestled in the heart of the Hawkesbury region, Oakville exudes a unique blend of tranquillity and promise, and is a suburb poised for a new chapter in its storied history. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Oakville an enticing prospect for those seeking a vibrant community to call…

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