Unveiling Oakville: a suburb steeped in charm and potential

Nestled in the heart of the Hawkesbury region, Oakville exudes a unique blend of tranquillity and promise, and is a suburb poised for a new chapter in its storied history.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Oakville an enticing prospect for those seeking a vibrant community to call home.


A glimpse into the past


According to records from a local Hawkesbury paper, Oakville was the name of the selection taken up by John Clark in 1894 near the Oakville of today. Clark built a four-room cottage and fenced and improved the land. The selection straddled a valley known as Oak Hollow because of the number of She Oaks (Casuarinas) which grew along the creek. Clark named his property Oakville and the district around it soon became known by the same name.


Over the years, it has evolved into a close-knit community that cherishes its heritage while embracing modernity. This suburb, bordering McGrath’s Hill, Vineyard, Box Hill, and Gables, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the region.


A tapestry of families and potential


What sets Oakville apart is its predominantly family-oriented demographic. Many households here are filled with the laughter and vitality of children, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This dynamic makes Oakville an ideal setting for those looking to raise a family, offering a supportive environment that fosters growth and camaraderie.

According to the 2021 ABS census, Oakville has a total population of 2,027 and 645 dwellings. Around 27% of residents are aged 25 to 49 years old and are likely to be part of a couple with children (45% of households) or a couple with no children (28%). They are likely to work in construction (20%), retail (10%) or manufacturing (8.5%).


Seamless connectivity


Located just 20 kilometres from the buzz of Norwest Business Park and a 49 kilometres north-west of Sydney’s central business district, Oakville strikes a balance between accessibility and serene living. Its proximity to key urban centres ensures that residents can enjoy the best of both worlds – the tranquillity of Oakville and the vibrant opportunities that Greater Western Sydney has to offer.


For shoppers, both the Carmel Village Shopping Centre is within easy reach, while the lively Rouse Hill Town Centre is just a short 15-minute drive. The upcoming Box Hill City Centre is another exciting addition to the shopping scene.


For families with school-aged children, Oakville is home to two schools – Oakville Public School for K-6 and the independent co-educational Arndell Anglican College for K-12. If these immediate local schools don’t suit, choose from a myriad of other top quality schools for all ages within the area.


Landen’s vision for Oakville


Landen’s unveiling of its Oakville estate marks a significant milestone in the development landscape. Boasting nearly 100 carefully curated lots, this is Landen’s most expansive estate to date. While exclusively offering land parcels, Landen is set to collaborate with a select group of builders to bring bespoke visions to life.

With staged releases planned, the estate provides a diverse array of lots ranging from 400 to 450 sqm. While pricing details are yet to be finalised, one thing is certain – Oakville presents an extraordinary opportunity for those seeking a place to build their dreams.


A glimpse into the future


In choosing Oakville as the canvas for their newest development, Landen recognises the tremendous potential this suburb holds. Drawing parallels with the thriving community of Box Hill, Landen envisions Oakville as the next beacon of growth and prosperity. The attributes that have made Box Hill a success story is echoed in Oakville’s landscape, offering a promising future for its residents.


As Landen’s Oakville estate prepares to take its place in the spotlight, it beckons to those with a vision for a vibrant and fulfilling life. With a rich history, a welcoming community, and a strategic location, Oakville stands poised to become a jewel in the City of Hawkesbury’s crown.


Landen’s Oakville Estate is now available! Offering buyers the opportunity to be part of a community at a premium location.

Visit our Oakville Estate or get in touch with us on 1300 526 336 to register your interest.