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Self-Managed Super Funds

For many people superannuation (super) is a problem for tomorrow. Too many people know too little about their super, leave it until later or simply leave their retirement plans to chance. We know you’ve worked hard for your super savings and we want to make sure your savings work even harder for you.

There are many different super fund options available, across a range of product types, giving varying levels of member control and ranges of investment options. When it comes to Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF), the main difference to other super funds is that SMSF members are also the trustees of the fund. The key advantage of this is the level of control that the trustees have when it comes to tailoring the fund to meet their individual needs.

With an SMSF you have control of investment choice, flexibility, transparency, and the ability to capitalise on super specific tax strategies. An SMSF can also pool funds of up to 6 members which could be more cost effective. In addition, an SMSF can take advantage of lending, for larger value growth assets like residential and commercial investment properties.

Naturally, with greater control, also comes greater responsibility. The super industry is tightly regulated to ensure that your superannuation assets are properly protected to provide for your needs in retirement. While you get to make the decisions that will drive your funds’ performance, as trustee of your SMSF you also become responsible for the ongoing management and administration of your super. We recognize than an SMSF is not suitable for everyone, however, with our guidance, we make the journey easier for those trustees who take on the challenge.

No matter how your super is currently structured, our team will work with you to develop the right super strategy for your needs and build an appropriate contribution strategy to enhance your retirement plans.

New SMSF Funds

Our planning team can help you determine if an SMSF is right for you. When appropriate, our financial planning and investment management experts will then support you through the journey of setting up, investing and diversifying your super, ensuring you have the right protection, and managing the administration and legislative requirements of your SMSF.

Setting up an SMSF
1. Apply to Set Up an SMSF
2. SMSF Trust Deed is Established
3. ABN & TFN & Bank Account Established
4. Rollover Funds from your Current Super
5. Implement Investment Strategy
6. Ongoing Management & Reporting

Using our comprehensive needs analysis methodology, we start by understanding your current circumstances and retirement goals. We then work with you on developing a plan to help achieve them through a careful mix of investment and taxation strategies.

Buying Property with your Super

As an SMSF allows you to utilize lending, you can essentially replicate the type of investment strategies you would normally implement outside of super with your super, including investing in property. There are many Pros and Cons to consider.

As super is a low tax environment, negative gearing in super has less impact. However, a key advantage of holding property in your super is the low Capital Gains Tax Rate. Currently, a property held for 12 months or more is effectively subject to CGT of only 10%. If the property is held until you have retired and entered pension phase, the CGT is 0%. This can create massive savings in comparison to holding property outside super.

There are numerous limitations for SMSF lending and the use of assets within your super. There are now fewer lenders operating in the SMSF market, as the lending is subject to Limited Recourse Conditions. This typically results in SMSF lending rates that are higher than outside super and deposit requirements that are usually higher too. As the income of your super is limited to contributions and investment returns, this also has an impact on the borrowing capacity of the fund.

In addition, there are limitations on the loan type and loan purposes that are imposed by regulation, the lender or your SMSF Trust Deed. Most lenders also require the use of a Bare Trust for purchasing property in super. The Diagram below demonstrates the application of a Bare Trust Structure

Our expert Planning Team knows how to navigate the SMSF legislation to ensure that you develop the right super strategy for your needs. Our Lending team know the SMSF lending market. Together they will work to ensure that your super strategy is robust. Talk to the team and see if an SMSF is right for you.

Existing SMSF Funds

As trustee of your SMSF you are responsible for the ongoing management and administration of your super. Super regulation is constantly being revised and updated. In addition, retirement and social security rules and eligibility continue to evolve. Knowing what to do and when is important.

Your super fund investment strategy is also key to the success of your fund. You may start with a property in mind, but what other investments should you choose? Is your SMSF lending right? How much cash should you maintain? What about fixed interest, shares, investment funds, ETFs, insurance? These all need to be considered and reviewed and must be maintained within the scope of your SMSF Trust Deed.

We do a lot more than your ongoing accounting and annual independent audit. Our team will help you to formulate your investment strategy, understand the rules, remain compliant, and provide guidance on how to best run your SMSF

Our services include:

  • Super and SMSF setup
  • Insurance review and advice
  • Financial planning
  • Investment management
  • Administration & compliance support
  • Taxation services

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